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Funeral Guidelines


St. Luke’s parish community, the priest of the parish, the Parish Pastoral Council and the Funeral Team are fully aware of the sensitivity surrounding the death of a loved one. Our intention is always to express our deep sympathy with the family during their loss. In the funeral arrangements we shall do all we can at this painful time to be a comfort and support to the family.


Family and friends are very welcome to participate at the Funeral Mass. On our visit to the family we will provide a selection of readings and prayers of the faithful. It is usual to have a reading from the Old Testament, followed by a psalm. The second reading is from the New Testament. Final arrangements on these matters are usually confirmed the evening before the Funeral Mass. These are usually made with the Priest celebrant. In the event of a visiting Priest celebrating the Mass, the Funeral Team and the Priest of the parish will do all they can to assist him. It is usual that families wish to bring forward mementos of their loved ones. This is perfectly acceptable and takes place at the beginning to the Mass.


The church here can provide music for funerals, but likewise families may make their own arrangements in consultation with the Priest of the parish.  The important point to remember, given the sacredness of the Funeral Liturgy is that all music and songs within the Funeral Mass must be of a religious nature.  If a secular song is to be sung or played it happens at the conclusion of the prayers of commendation when the remains is leaving the church.


A member of the family may give a short eulogy at the end of Mass.


We hope these guidelines will help families in their time of grief and that they will find the community supportive during their time of grief.

We would wish to extend our sympathy and prayerful support to all families who have lost loved ones.

May the Lord in His goodness continue to bless you with peace and consolation.

Fr. Gary Darby Administrator.
Parish Pastoral Council.
St. Luke’s Funeral Team.